Our mission

Our mission is to improve NZs future-readiness by using NextGen business approaches to drive the fundamental shifts required for a more productive, efficient, competitive and happier NZ.

Using NextGen thinking and approaches to uplift NZ

Nextgen.org.nz is an awareness campaign that began in 2019 as a response to the slow pace of organisational change through normal activities and commercial channels. The campaign was put on hold pending the writing of a supporting book to provide the weight required to scale the significant barriers to change which exist in most NZ businesses.

However, as we enter mid-2020, everything has changed. Our new realities demand immediate change and the campaign has a renewed energy. We have a golden opportunity to refresh and change the way we do business to make us more dynamic and future ready. 

Our campaign has 10 focus areas.


10 'Nextgen' focus areas to uplift New Zealand 

  1. OPENNESS TO PROBLEMS:  Let's open our ears to the challenges and blockages which stop us progressing, not just solutions and visions. Let's talk openly about what holds us back, because blind optimism isn't enough. Let's see the gaps between vision and reality, lets accept complexity and understand it. Let's create clear 'problem hypotheses' and use divergent thinking and other rapid createive approaches to find new solutions.

  2. DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT: Let's actively seek diversity of thought, and the open mindedness diversity and in all its forms which supports this. Let's acknowledge and spread the word about how this drives progress and innovation, and constantly challenge whether we are really benefiting from all the perspectives we could be. 

  3. DYNAMISM & PRODUCTIVITY:  Let's go Agile in our working practices but let's also go far beyond this, uplifting mindsets, interactions, decision making approaches and management styles for truly dynamic ways of doing business and progressing at speed whilst managing risk. Let's go beyond this and fix the real productivity blockers. 'Bottom up' changes to mindsets, decisions and ways of working could drive huge productivity uplift almost immediately. Let's move away from 19th century approaches to productivity which put more and more pressure on the same number employees, so they have ever less time and incentive to think. Let's also look 'top down', understand where real value lies and focus effort better. 

  4. INNOVATION:  Let's fix our innovation deficit and uplift vitality with different thinking. Let's make innovation an everyday value-creating activity, not an add-on cost, especially in our corporates. Let's rebuild mutual trust in our ecosystem and improve how our businesses engage so a healthier larger-scale innovation ecosystem can thrive.

  5. MEASURES:  Let's measure success not just against the value we extract but also the value we create. This requires completely rewired organisations. Let's use this to adapt and learn. Let's measure accurately and set clear expectations but also accept the blindness of our measurement gaps and counter these with experience and instinct.  Let's think and measure holistically and consider the compound impacts of our actions at scale for NZ. 

  6. SUPPORTING PIONEERS: Let's allow people to be human at work, to make mistakes and learn. In particular let's support the pioneers who battle slim odds, constantly risk failure and battle huge organisational resistance to drive change in NZ businesses and organisations, often at little reward. Let's shift our employment ecosystem from rewarding lack of action and 'risk aversion' to rewarding those who try and are not afraid to think differently

  7. GOVERNANCE: Let's govern in dynamic flexible ways that support and encourage modern business. Let's shift governance from shareholder value to customer value, because this is what drives success, and let's take shareholders on the journey. Let's automate and delegate the beaurocracy which dominates governance today, and rethink a large part of governance as leadership, driven by future-focussed change makers. Let's rethink governance's focus on the 'risk of action' and think more about the 'risk of no action'.  

  8. CULTURE OF CHANGE:  Let's uplift the society's expectations of itself, and support and motivate everyone to embrace constant dynamic change and the open-mindnedness to thrive on it and run ahead of it.

  9. SKILLS & EDUCATION:  Let's reframe the skills 'crisis' as a crisis in how we define and fill demand, to which there are many possible solutions. There are untapped abilities and mental resources everywhere in NZ, yet approaches to filling needs often use industrial-age approaches which expect 'pre-trained' people with exact skills and fit, prescribe narrow 'business culture' stereotypes, and use inflexible engagement. More flexible and open minded ways of filling needs, and getting the most from people could dramatically uplift business and society.  Smart, flexible, different thinking digital systems can drive this. Let's create different frameworks for measuring ability which represent the reality that learning institutions are now entirely optional and disrupted.    

  10. LEADERSHIP & CHALLENGE:  Let's move from 'command and control' towards consultative leadership built on mutual trust. Let's encourage (and reward) leadership which welcomes redirection from all, regardless of hierarchy. Let's value the importance of 'challenge' in driving change and create organisations which encourage and nurture it. Let's challenge ourselves to make decisions differently when we need to. We over-rely on consensus decision making, so let's not let it prevent the bold change, speed, and rapid changes of direction we need, not just to navigate this crisis, but as a permanent state in the digital world. Let's evolve and adapt this quickly.

(Further information on these is available for relevant individuals and groups .. please get in touch)

How we're driving change

  • Raising awareness, driving discussion of the core issues, and setting expectations of a different type of discussion - an honest, deep and open look at how we can uplift our systems, mindsets and working practices (perhaps way beyond comfort zones). 

  • Engaging business leaders and government and gathering support and feedback.

  • Supporting and assisting with macro-level initiatives to solve the fundamental barriers to solving many of NZs key challenges, helping get new initiatives off the ground, removing blockages where we can and co-ordinating with other groups who are driving change.

  • Connecting with leaders and change makers who, in our 'day jobs' are already working for or alongside New Zealand's biggest organisations to make a difference. By coming together we can improve co-ordination, bring together different sectors and have more impact. 

  • Spreading the use of the term 'NextGen' to clarify that the breadth and depth of the changes required really does represent a new, faster, more Digital Age for business and for humanity which needs new approaches in every aspect of what we all do. 

  • And, since the virus outbreak:  Aim to shift the dialogue from 'rebuild our business landscape' to 'rethink and rebuild something fundamentally better'. 



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